Security Guard Services

Out of hours security will ensure that you have the right security guards in place to represent your business, as we know it’s always a concern especially when using security contractors; this is why out of hours security makes sure that we employ every individual on a separate basis depending on the type of client. Following their expectations and location, preferring the partnership approach to all assignments.

We never underestimate the importance of excellent customer service which is why we take additional measures when recruiting officers who are not only representing us but you, your brand and policies.

As an organisation, we are well known for having the best Security guards available thanks to the fact that we have specialist security guards that can do any type of security job effectively and professionally, so if you’re looking for Security guard then why go anywhere else?

Our primary areas are

-          Corporate offices
-          Retail outlets
-          Construction sites
-          Industrial estates
-          Hotels
-          Schools