Mobile Patrol and Key Holding Services

Mobile Security Patrol Services 

Out of hours security mobile patrol services are designed to provide a visual deterrent without the cost of a full time guard onsite, in most cases this is a more cost effective solution. Our mobile patrol services can be deployed on a random patrol pattern or perform designated patrols to your sites ensuring that would be criminals will not know when they may be caught should they enter site.

Our patrol services can be deployed in an external only patrol or external and internal patrol depending on our client’s requirements. Detailed records of all patrols are kept including patrol times, patrol officer details, incident reports and patrol logs which are available to our clients when requested to provide our clients with a clear picture of the services they are receiving and identify ways to improve the services or adjust the service level if required.

Key Holding Services  

Relying on staff to keep keys safe or to be on hand at unsociable hours of the night only leads to frustration. In the case of fire or a break-in, the consequences could cost you millions of pounds. With our Key Holding Service designed to BS7984 Standards, we can have your doors open in no time, any time.

Securely locked away, your keys and alarm codes will be in safe hands. For swift access, with insider knowledge of your premises, we will log all keys in and out, advising the appropriate personnel at all times. All of which means you can get your doors opened when you want to and keep them closed when you need to.