Event Security Services 

Out of Hours Security can secure your event, whatever it's size. From a small garden or house party to large sporting events and multi-stage music festivals. With up to 200 highly trained personnel available during peak event times, we can provide crowd and traffic management, provide artist security and guard arenas and stages from theft during build-up, the duration of the event and throughout the break-down.

Our staff are fully trained to provide welfare services where necessary and can monitor camping areas, bar areas, public and staff enclosures accompanied by K9 units if and when necessary.

We pride ourselves on supplying an authoritative service while remaining friendly and approachable at all times, ensuring your guests and visitors have a safe and enjoyable experience.

We have can provide trained search units with K9 detection for drugs, explosives and other illegal or undesirable items and substances. Plus we can secure all movement of monies inside the event and accompany staff when taking funds offsite to a bank or other secure location.

In addition to this we can also provide a full medical team including:

-          Emergency Medical Technicians
-          Paramedics
-          HCP Registered nurses
-          Doctors
All medical services include all relevant equipment including medical posts, ATV’s, Ambulances and all required medical equipment including monitoring equipment, drugs, and medical kits.

For more information on our medical services please click below:
Medical Services