Close Protection Services 

The demands and services of the specialist role of close protection is an ever increasing activity throughout the entire world. In recent years we have all seen the heightened terrorist threat and the increase in international organised criminal networks. Those concerned in serious crime are now better able to travel more easily through border controls committing crimes such as blackmail, kidnap and industrial espionage.

Out of Hours security provides highly trained close protection officers to individuals and executives on an international basis. We provide solo operatives through to full close protection teams with each team of 5 or more having a fully qualified medical technician or paramedic on the team to manage any medical situation as standard.  

Our operatives will manage all security requirements our clients have including personal protection, family protection, and asset protection. In addition to this out of hours if requested will also provide all vehicles and security equipment i.e. panic alarms, intruder alarms and cctv, for our clients peace of mind.

Our South West Office location and proximity to Lasham airfield make us an ideal choice for clients flying into the UK who require a quick pick up and need to get on the move quickly since in most circumstances our officers can pick up our clients on the plane hard standing area. Lasham airfield can accommodate planes up to Boeing 737 size and from the airfield it is a short drive to main motorway routes so the time from landing to mobile is relatively short.